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Brand Management

Craft Brand Ambassador is in the business of building strong relationships. We provide value-based brand management in a shared environment. This includes event coordination, retail placements, chain authorizations, inventory management, warehouse audits, and comprehensive follow-up to name a few.

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If growth is in your future, and expanding into a different territory achieves that goal, we can help you get there. We have brand manager partners across the country that help gain distribution, solidify relationships with distributors, and support with maintaining and sustaining growth.

Our contracts include consulting where others charge a considerable hourly fee.

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It’s no secret brand management is a cost center. We have an alternative approach. We provide value-based, quality brand management at a fraction of the cost. We help set up distribution, execute launches, do ride-alongs, and obtain placements daily in Off and On-premise accounts. Let us help keep your brand relevant and expand your reach to territories away from home at a cost you can afford.

We love beer and will promote your brewery as if we own it.

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Blackberry. Blackcherry. Smoke. Words to live by. We love big, bold Cabernets. Not unlike these words that scream quality, we care about your winery and represent it with the same passion. We help gain chain authorizations, private store placements, and On-premise wine by the glass programs.

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